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Julie Henderson
Manitoba, Canada

Dan Smith
Lexington, Kentucky

Zebiba Shekhia
Santa Monica California



I have had several Coaches and went to countless Workshops and Seminars. They promised my life would drastically change for the best. I spent over $25,000 this year alone. Heaven knows what the total amount is that I've spent throughout my 40 years.

Within a couple sessions with Scott Armstrong, my life has already completely turned around. Just this week alone, I had so many"WINS". A major break through was my health. I knew without a doubt that if I didn't something soon, my health would deteriorate rapidly. Now with Scott support, I am eating much better and have lost 5lbs. in 6days.

I have more energy , enthusiasm, determination, and commitment to get things done.
I like the challenge so I can be proud of myself . Even though I have resisted sometimes, I have done what Scott suggested I do. Because Scott put his belief in me, I feel responsible to do my part too and I don't want to let him down.

I'm in the boat paddling and he is guiding me, helping me to decide which way to go and avoiding the storms ahead. But , at the same time, he always lets me use my judgment so I can grow on my own, too.

Live a Life of Optimun Health, Prosperity and Happiness See Scott Armstrong. Trust me your life will never be the same Love and Joy Forever.

Sheldon Inea
Business owner

Most people know that the majority of the world’s experts have coaches – especially if they’re leaders or performers, like Michael Dell, Sasha Cohen,
Yao Ming, Dustin Hoffman, Oprah Winfrey, Shaun White, Deepak Chopra,
Tiger Woods, Julia Roberts or Mariah Carey.

These World Class Experts wouldn't dream of NOT working with a coach, since they know that maintaining the personal bests that have made them who they are, requires accountability and constant effort. 

But coaching isn't just for singers, athletes, actors and performers anymore. If you truly want to make major improvements in your life, you need a Coach. It's an absolute must! That’s why we see regular people everywhere hiring coaches of all sorts – and we don’t mean just sport coaches, marriage counselors or legal advisors. No, we’re talking about coaches for every aspect of life, like:

  • Fitness Coaches, Diet & Nutritional Coaches, Health & Wellness Coaches
  • Relationship Coaches, Parenting Coaches
  • Entrepreneurial or Business Startup Coaches, Corporate Coaches, Business & Sales Coaches
  • Wealth and Financial Coaches,
  • Spiritual Coaches, and yes, even Life Purpose Coaches

Why the coaching boom? People have started to realize that a coach gives you an edge: you get an objective partner who constantly helps you evaluate your actions – and helps you identify where and how to improve your performance... 

Bringing us to: Best Affirmations Coaching, where we work on any and all of the Life Challenges mentioned above. Using our proprietary workbook:

“Affirmations Handbook:
A 30-day Guide to Actively Creating the Life You Want,”

We step you through using affirmations – effectively -- to change the way you think, change your life forever, and allow you to create the life you want.

Scott Armstrong exposed/taught me more in 4 lessons than I have been able to stumble across my whole life. Between the new daily habits, increased awareness/ focus, consistency, affirmations & meditation, I feel I'm on a direct course to obtain all my goals & dreams. There will be no stopping me now that I have been shown the path to greatness.

Paul Burgess
Florida Real Estate Investor

At Best Affirmations Coaching we use a simple, unique process to help you understand and work through your concerns, blockages and life challenges. You’ll power through simple exercises, affirmation work, meditation and other techniques, personally selected to mesh with your personality and behavior style.

With the Help of Your Best Affirmations Coach,
You’ll Experience Measurable Results in as Few as 30 Days,
as We Train You to Change Your Thinking in Order to
Change Your Life. Forever, For Always.

Every affirmations coaching client is unique, with specific wants and needs, though many people come to us to learn how to:

  • Break through self-limiting boundaries that are keeping you from making more money
  • Set and achieve personal and professional goals
  • Get clear on what you want in life
  • Actively reduce personal stress
  • Acquire self-assurance, enhance self confidence, gain poise in stressful situations
  • Discover how to attain peace of mind
  • Torpedo procrastination by learning how to take action - consistently
  • Learn how to “Dream Big”
  • Design a life that tickles your soul
  • Recognize opportunities and seize life’s possibilities
  • Maintain solid focus on what’s important in life

We customize your program/coaching sessions for maximum results in a short period of time.

I have been working with Scott Armstrong and have made significant changes in a short time. We have only spoken three times but I have put everything into action that Scott suggested and I have seen dramatic improvements in my

I have had two coaches before Scott and they drained me financially but did nothing to improve my financial situation. Since joining the program several opportunities have "presented themselves" and I have grabbed onto them with both hands. It is too early to see and financial rewards from those ideas yet but I expect to be reaping the rewards before long."

Ian Simon
Business Owner

Your Best Affirmations Coach will begin by asking you questions, listening to you and giving you feedback, brainstorming different ideas and challenging you. You’ll also receive encouragement and praise for current and past success with the assignments you received at the end of the prior session. We call these success-reference points. They are valuable as you strive to achieve your new goals. Of course, each session ends with the assignment of action steps for you to work on between sessions.
Best Affirmations Coaches work with clients around the world by phone and email
So you can work with us anytime and anywhere! And, of course, all our coaches have used affirmations to change their lives – you could say they’ve “walked their talk.” Though in the case of Scott Armstrong, he’s used affirmations to help him walk through hot coals – and successfully qualify for and finish the Boston Marathon.

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Why wait any longer? Isn’t it time you finally discovered what’s keeping you from living the life of your dreams? Find out how to:

  • Create a compelling future for yourself, one that motivates and excites
  • Enjoy more energy and enthusiasm for your life
  • Become more focused and motivated
  • Enjoy a new mindset – you’ll understand that you can accomplish any goal you set for yourself
  • Improve the quality of your personal and professional relationships
  • Have more free time to do the things you enjoy
  • Find meaning and purpose in your life 

Realize you’re having a lot more fun! 
Here’s the thing: It's all about valuing yourself – self-love and communication.
In other words, when we finally learn how to effectively use affirmations we’re able to change our thinking, and stop sabotaging ourselves. And when we change our thinking, we change our relationships. With ourselves, with other people, with food, with money, etc. We can change all of our relationships.

I have had a couple of sessions with Scott Armstrong and I am definitely a different person. I am more focused, determined, and disciplined. Scott has graciously given me the tools I need to get myself to where I need to be. Scott's support and direction has taken me to the next level and I am excited to see where I will be in 3 months! Scott was able to point me in a direction that I didn't even think about but after one session with him, it was crystal clear to me!! WOW! Life changing! Thank you Scott!

Kate Horning
Peak Performance Athlete -Idaho

But the bottom line is -- you're the only one who can decide to set yourself free of struggling -- once and for all. If you could make a free 20-minute call that would help you determine whether affirmations coaching really CAN change your life for the better – for good – why not do it? Grab your phone and call now: 303-938-1767. Or fill out the form above. Don’t wait! Do it now!

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